White Geese Breeds: Everything You Need

White Geese Breeds: Everything You Need

We often associate geese with their loud honking sounds and their waddling walk. However, geese have a lot more to offer than just their peculiarities. Geese are one of the oldest domesticated fowl species. They are easy to raise, a great source of meat, eggs, feathers, and even guard our homesteads against intruders.

In this post, we will provide an overview of 12 white goose breeds that are ideal for homesteading and prepping.

1. White Chinese Goose – This breed is known for its docile temperament and is one of the smallest geese breeds. They are excellent foragers making them the perfect choice for those looking to have an easy-to-manage flock. Although they are not known for their meat, they lay large white eggs.

2. Toulouse goose – Originally from France, Toulouse geese are large grey geese that have a calm temperament. They are a great source of meat and their soft and warm feathers make fantastic pillows and comforters.

3. Embden goose – Embden geese are one of the largest and heaviest breeds of geese, with a reputation for being gentle giants. They make excellent meat birds and their white feathers are prized in the making of down comforters and pillows.

4. American Buff goose – Also known as the “Saddleback” due to its distinct brown and white markings. Buff geese have a friendly temperament, are great foragers, and are known for their meat production.

5. Pilgrim goose – This breed was developed in the United States and is popular for its calm and friendly nature. Their meat is tasty, but they are not known for their egg production.

6. Sebastopol goose – Sebastopol geese are recognizable for their curly feathers and unique appearance. They are not known for their meat production but have a great personality and make an enjoyable addition to any homestead.

7. African goose – Known for their loud honking, African geese are a great choice if you are looking for a watchful pet who can alert you of intruders. They are good egg-layers, but the eggs tend to be small.

8. Emden Toulouse Cross – This breed is a cross between the Embden and Toulous geese. They are large, healthy, and lay large eggs. They are also great meat birds, and their feathers are of good quality.

9. Dewlap Toulouse goose – Dewlap Toulouse geese are known for their extra skin under their chins (or “dewlaps”). They are a rare breed and are great meat birds.

10. Pomeranian goose – This breed is highly sociable, trainable, and are excellent egg layers. They are also great parents and can hatch and raise their own young successfully.

11. Steinbacher goose – Steinbacher geese are known for their striking white and grey markings. They are excellent meat birds and their feathers are desirable for their use in fly tying.

12. Ross goose – Ross geese are small and are not known for their meat or egg production. However, they are easy to raise and can serve as indicators for larger geese breeds that may be preyed upon.

In conclusion, geese are an invaluable part of any homestead. They are relatively low-maintenance, provide an excellent source of nutrition, and can serve as protectors of the homestead. With 12 white goose breeds, you have a variety to choose from depending on your unique needs and preferences. Whichever breed you choose, you can be sure that they will make a valuable and rewarding addition to your homestead or prepping plan.