Where is survival beach?

Where is survival beach?

Where is Survival Beach? The beach lies along Puerto Rico’s northwestern coast and offers stunning views and excellent surfing conditions. Also known as Playa de Supervivencia in Spanish, Survival Beach lies between two high cliffs making accessing it more difficult but well worth your while.

It gets its name from its remote location, which can give visitors the sense that they’re on an isolated island. Not easily accessible by car and requiring a trek down a steep and rocky trail can be challenging – yet once you arrive at its sandy shores and crystal-clear waters you’ll understand why all your efforts were worth it.Where is survival beach

Survival Beach’s main draw is its surfing conditions. Popular among experienced surfers looking for an exciting challenge, Survival Beach features waves up to 10 feet high that provide ample opportunity for surfing, bodyboarding and other watersports activities. Breaking left and right along its expansive beach frontage means there are enough space for multiple surfers at once!

This beach is an excellent destination even if you don’t surf, boasting beautiful towering cliffs to provide an incredible setting for sunbathing, picnicking or just lounging around on its sandy shores. In addition, Survival offers some of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities in Puerto Rico with abundant marine life and colorful coral reefs to explore.

Survival Beach may not be well known to everyone, but many may not realize it was chosen as the location for filming of the acclaimed television show “Survivor” back in 2002. Producers were drawn to its remote setting and rugged terrain as ideal settings for contestants to compete in challenges and build shelters of their own.

This beach also stands out for its iconic rock formation known as the Blowhole. This natural wonder consists of an opening in the rock which spews water when waves strike it; visitors can hike over from Survival Beach or use an nearby parking lot to reach it.

This beach’s is pros are stunning views, exceptional surfing conditions and crystal-clear waters that make for one of Puerto Rico’s most unique and memorable beaches.

Survival Beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico is an unparalleled experience that stands alone among other attractions in Puerto Rico. Although remote with challenging access, Survival Beach’s beauty, surfing conditions, and marine life make it well worth your while to visit – so if you are up for an adventure and ready to experience its breathtaking natural splendor then grab your surfboard and head towards Survival Beach now!