What You Need to Be Ready Before an EMP

What You Need to Be Ready Before an EMP

What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP


In today’s modern world, we are heavily reliant on electricity for our everyday needs. From communication to transportation to food storage, our lives revolve around the consistent flow of electricity. However, what would happen if that flow were suddenly interrupted? This is the scenario that many preppers fear – an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could potentially knock out the entire electrical grid.

While the likelihood of a large-scale EMP event is relatively low, it is always smart to be prepared for any kind of disaster. In this article, we will discuss what you need to have ready before an EMP and share some helpful tips and tricks to help you become more self-sufficient.

Food and Water


One of the first things you need to ensure before an EMP event is a reliable source of clean drinking water. Without electricity, tap water may become contaminated, leaving you without a safe option for hydration. Here are some tips:

– Stock up on bottled water: Store at least one gallon of water per person per day for a minimum of three days.
– Invest in water filters: Having a portable water filter can help you purify water from natural sources such as rivers and lakes.
– Learn how to collect rainwater: Set up rain barrels or learn about other methods of collecting rainwater for future use.


During an EMP event, your ability to access food may be limited. Supermarkets may be closed, and even if they are open, there may be shortages due to transportation and refrigeration issues. Here are some tips:

– Build a stockpile: Start by stocking up on non-perishable food items such as canned goods, dried fruits and vegetables, rice, pasta, and nuts. Aim to have at least a three-month supply for your household.
– Learn to preserve food: Consider learning how to can your own fruits and vegetables or how to dehydrate food for long-term storage.
– Start a backyard garden: Growing your own food can be a sustainable way to ensure a fresh supply of vegetables and fruits during a crisis.

Energy Generation

Solar Power

In the absence of electricity, having an alternative energy source is crucial. Solar power is a reliable and sustainable option that can help you generate electricity to power essential devices and appliances. Here are some tips:

– Invest in solar panels: Install solar panels on your property to harness the power of the sun. Choose a solar generator that is capable of supplying enough energy to meet your needs.
– Get a portable solar charger: Having a portable solar charger can be a lifesaver during an EMP event. It allows you to charge small devices such as smartphones and radios.
– Learn how to build a solar oven: A solar oven can harness the power of the sun to cook food, eliminating the need for electricity or fuel.

Backup Generators

While solar power is an excellent long-term solution, having a backup generator can provide you with immediate power during an EMP event. Here are some tips:

– Choose a reliable generator: Select a generator that is capable of running essential appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and medical devices. Consider a dual-fuel generator that can run on both gasoline and propane for added flexibility.
– Stock up on fuel: Ensure you have enough fuel stored to power your generator for an extended period. Rotate your fuel supply regularly to keep it fresh.
– Soundproof your generator: Generators can be noisy, and during a crisis, you may not want to draw unnecessary attention. Consider installing soundproofing materials around your generator to muffle the noise.


During an EMP event, communication systems may be disrupted, making it challenging to reach out for help or stay connected with loved ones. Here are some tips:

– Invest in a ham radio: Ham radios are reliable communication devices that can operate without relying on traditional infrastructure. Make sure you have the necessary licenses and training to operate a ham radio effectively.
– Create a communication plan: Establish a communication plan with your family and friends in case of an emergency. Decide on a meeting point and establish alternative methods of communication, such as designated phone numbers or pre-arranged signals.
– Keep a whistle and flashlight on hand: In case of an emergency, a whistle and flashlight can be vital tools for signaling for help or locating others in the dark.

My 2 Cents

Being prepared for an EMP event is not just about stockpiling food and water. It’s about being self-sufficient and having the skills and resources to thrive in a world without electricity. Consider taking courses on sustainable living, first aid, and basic survival skills. Practice living off the grid for short periods of time to test your preparedness level. Stay informed about current events and learn about the potential risks of an EMP event in your area.

Remember, being prepared is not about living in fear but about taking responsibility for your own well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. By having essential supplies, alternative energy sources, and effective communication systems, you can increase your chances of surviving and thriving in the face of an EMP event.

Stay safe and stay prepared!