Venezuela’s Survival Techniques In Crisis

Venezuela’s Survival Techniques In Crisis

Venezuela has been in the midst of an economic crisis for several years now. Hyperinflation, political turmoil, and widespread shortages of basic necessities have made survival in the country very difficult. As a result, the people of Venezuela have had to resort to some extreme measures in order to make ends meet. In this post, we will look at some of the things that people in Venezuela are doing in order to get through these hard times.

1. Growing their own food

Due to the skyrocketing prices of food, many Venezuelans have turned to growing their own food as a way to supplement their diets. Even those who live in urban areas have started growing vegetables and fruits in whatever space they have available, including rooftops and balconies. This has become a popular way to ensure that they have access to fresh produce.

2. Bartering

With the economy in shambles, many Venezuelans have turned to bartering as a means of survival. People are exchanging goods and services for other goods and services, rather than relying on the national currency. For example, a hairstylist might offer haircuts in exchange for food, or a mechanic might fix someone’s car in exchange for medical supplies.

3. Finding alternative sources of income

As the economic crisis has deepened, many people in Venezuela have had to get creative when it comes to making money. Some are selling homemade crafts or clothing, while others are offering their services as handymen, tutors, or cleaners. Others have turned to the black market as a means of generating income.

4. Using social media to communicate and organize

Social media has played an important role in the lives of many Venezuelans, particularly when it comes to organizing protests and sharing information about the crisis. Despite the government’s attempts to crack down on social media sites, many people in Venezuela continue to use them as a means of staying informed and connected.

5. Participating in community programs

Many people in Venezuela have banded together to create community programs that help support those in need. These programs range from soup kitchens to neighborhood watch programs. By working together, people are able to help each other get through these difficult times.

6. Stockpiling supplies

Given the frequent shortages of basic necessities in the country, many Venezuelans have resorted to stockpiling supplies whenever they are available. This includes everything from food and water to medicine and toiletries. By having a stockpile of supplies, people can ensure that they have access to the things they need, even when they are hard to come by.

In conclusion, the people of Venezuela have had to get very creative in order to survive the country’s economic crisis. From growing their own food to participating in community programs, they have found ways to support themselves and each other in the face of adversity. While the situation in Venezuela is far from ideal, the resilience and resourcefulness of its people serves as a testament to the human spirit.