Top 12 EMP-Proof Vehicles: Vintage, Military Surplus, Unimog, Diesel Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, Sand Rails, Electric Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Boats, Bicycles, Horses

Top 12 EMP-Proof Vehicles: Vintage, Military Surplus, Unimog, Diesel Trucks, Motorcycles, Tractors, Sand Rails, Electric Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Boats, Bicycles, Horses

12 EMP-Proof Vehicles To Consider (If You Can Find Them)


In today’s unpredictable world, preparing for the unforeseen has become a common practice among many individuals. One significant concern among preppers is the potential threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. An EMP attack has the power to disable electronic devices, causing widespread chaos and disruption. While protecting your electronics is crucial, it’s also essential to consider having an EMP-proof vehicle in your survival arsenal. In this article, we will explore twelve EMP-proof vehicles that you should consider if you can find them.

1. Vintage Vehicles

One option to consider when selecting an EMP-proof vehicle is to opt for a vintage vehicle. These vehicles were manufactured before modern electronics became an integral part of automotive engineering. They are less likely to be affected by an EMP attack due to their lack of electronic components. Vintage vehicles, such as the Jeep CJ-5, Ford Bronco, and Chevrolet CUCV, are excellent choices.

2. Military Surplus Vehicles

Military surplus vehicles are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and operate in extreme environments. These vehicles are equipped with robust electrical systems that are built to last. Some examples of EMP-proof military surplus vehicles include the M35A2 “Deuce and a Half” truck and the Humvee. While finding these vehicles in good condition might be challenging, they offer excellent durability and reliability.

3. Unimog

The Unimog, a multipurpose all-wheel-drive truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, is another excellent choice for an EMP-proof vehicle. Unimogs have a unique design that allows them to navigate rough terrains effortlessly. These vehicles feature minimal electronics, making them highly resistant to EMP attacks. Additionally, Unimogs offer exceptional off-road capabilities, making them ideal for preppers looking for a versatile and robust vehicle.

4. Older Diesel Pickup Trucks

Older diesel pickup trucks, such as the Ford F-250 and Dodge Ram 2500, are known for their durability and reliability. These vehicles typically have fewer electronic components than their modern counterparts, making them more resistant to EMP attacks. Look for models from the 1990s and early 2000s, as they often have simpler electrical systems that are less vulnerable to EMP damage.

5. Motorcycles

If you’re looking for a compact and cost-effective EMP-proof vehicle, consider adding a motorcycle to your survival arsenal. Most motorcycles have a minimalistic electrical system, making them less susceptible to EMP damage. Additionally, their small size and maneuverability make them ideal for navigating through traffic or off-road terrains. Look for motorcycles with carbureted engines rather than fuel-injected ones, as carbureted engines are less affected by electromagnetic pulses.

6. Farm Tractors

Farm tractors, especially older models, can serve as reliable and robust EMP-proof vehicles. These vehicles are designed to operate in rugged conditions and often have minimal electronic components. They are built to withstand the test of time and can be a valuable asset in a post-EMP scenario. Consider adding a farm tractor to your prepper inventory if you have access to one.

7. Sand Rails

Sand rails, also known as dune buggies, are off-road vehicles specifically designed for sandy terrains. These vehicles often feature simple electrical systems that can withstand the impact of an EMP attack. Sand rails are lightweight, maneuverable, and can provide an efficient means of transportation in a post-EMP world. However, it’s worth mentioning that they are primarily designed for off-road use and may not be as versatile on paved roads.

8. Electric Vehicles (EVs)

While it may seem counterintuitive, some electric vehicles (EVs) can be EMP-proof under certain conditions. EVs that utilize older battery technologies, such as lead-acid batteries, are less susceptible to EMP damage. Additionally, EVs that have undergone certain modifications, such as adding a Faraday cage around the battery, can also increase their resistance to EMP effects. However, it’s important to note that not all EVs are EMP-proof, so thorough research and modifications are necessary.

9. Armored Vehicles

If you have the means and resources, investing in an armored vehicle can provide you with unparalleled protection in a post-EMP scenario. Armored vehicles are designed to withstand various types of attacks, including EMPs. These vehicles usually have advanced shielding that can protect their electronic systems from the harmful effects of electromagnetic pulses. While they may be expensive and difficult to acquire, armored vehicles can offer exceptional security in times of crisis.

10. Boats

When discussing EMP-proof vehicles, it’s essential not to overlook the potential advantages of having a boat. Boats, especially older models with limited electronic systems, can be excellent options for regional or coastal transportation in a post-EMP world. Consider investing in a sailboat or a diesel-powered vessel. These types of boats rely less on electronics and can provide a reliable means of transportation and a valuable source of food through fishing.

11. Bicycles

In a grid-down scenario caused by an EMP attack, simplicity is key. Bicycles offer a straightforward and EMP-proof means of transportation. They require no fuel, have no electronic components, and can navigate through both urban and rural areas with ease. Consider having a sturdy bicycle as a backup transportation option, especially for shorter trips or when other vehicles are unavailable.

12. Horses

Lastly, horses have been used as reliable means of transportation for centuries. In a post-EMP scenario, they can be a valuable asset. Horses have no electronic components and can navigate almost any terrain. Additionally, they can provide food through hunting or as a backup transportation option if other vehicles are unavailable. However, owning and caring for horses requires proper knowledge and preparation, so make sure you’re adequately equipped to handle them.


While an EMP attack may seem like a distant threat, it’s always better to be prepared. Investing in an EMP-proof vehicle can significantly increase your chances of survival in a post-EMP world. Whether you opt for a vintage vehicle, military surplus vehicle, or even a horse, each option comes with its advantages and considerations. Remember to conduct thorough research, assess your needs, and choose the vehicle that best fits your situation and resources.

My 2 Cents

When it comes to selecting an EMP-proof vehicle, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, simplicity of electronics, and versatility. Vintage vehicles and military surplus vehicles are excellent options due to their robustness and minimal electronic components. Motorcycles, farm tractors, sand rails, and even certain electric vehicles can also prove useful in a post-EMP scenario. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that an EMP attack can have far-reaching consequences, and having multiple transportation options, including bicycles and even horses, can provide additional backup plans. Remember to prepare and choose wisely, as your choice of an EMP-proof vehicle may play a vital role in your survival.