The First Thing You Should Do After a Power Grid Failure

The First Thing You Should Do After a Power Grid Failure

The First Thing You Should Do After A Power Grid Failure


Remember that scene from your favourite post-apocalyptic movie, where the entire city’s power goes out, plunging everyone into chaos? Well, power grid failures are not just the stuff of movies, they can occur in real life. Whether due to a severe weather event, mechanical failure, or even a cyber attack, the power grid can fail. So, here we break down the very first thing you should do if this ever happens to you.

Take a Deep Breath

In the event of a grid failure, the first thing to do is breathe. Panic will not help, and clear thinking is required to deal with the situation effectively. Your survival instincts might kick in, but remember, you need to approach this situation logically and not just instinctively.

Evaluate The Situation

The second step is understanding what is actually going on. Confirm that it’s a power outage and not just a blown fuse. Check other electronics, your neighbourhood, or even call your power provider to get information about the outage.

Inspecting your Home Network

• Check if the breakers in your house have tripped.
• Check if your neighbours have electricity.
• Call your energy provider to confirm the situation.

Activate Your Emergency Plan

After you’ve confirmed that it is indeed a power grid failure, the third step is to activate your emergency plan. This is where your preparations and drills come into play.

Implementing the Plan

• A well-prepared home should have an emergency kit ready with food, water, battery or solar-powered lights, radios, and cell phones.
• Ensure everyone knows the procedure – who takes care of food, who manages the communication, etc.
• Light your house with alternative means.

Conserve and Ration

The length of a power outage can be difficult to predict. Therefore, being prudent with your resources is crucial. This means conserving energy, rationing food, and water.

Conservation Tips

• Jot down how much food and water you have and make a consumption plan.
• Avoid opening the fridge or freezer.
• Avoid using unnecessary electronics.

Stay Connected

In the event of a large-scale power grid failure, information is critical. Staying connected allows you to receive any available updates and instructions on how to proceed.

Communication is Key

• Use a battery-powered or solar-powered radio.
• Keep your phone’s battery usage to a minimum.
• Stay updated with the local news.

My 2 Cents

Surviving a power grid failure requires preparedness, calm, and resourcefulness. While it’s essential to be equipped with the right tools and resources, your mindset and ability to stay calm under pressure will be your biggest assets. Remember, the goal isn’t just to survive, but to do so in a way that preserves your quality of life as much as possible. Having a well thought out emergency plan can make all the difference in ensuring this.

Don’t be intimidated by the scale of a power grid failure. As with any survival situation, one step at a time can get you through it. Breathe, evaluate, activate your plan, conserve, ration, and stay connected. With these steps, you will not just survive a power grid failure, but emerge from it stronger and more resilient.

And of course, don’t forget to revisit and revise your emergency plan post the situation. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and prepare better for future challenges!