Summer Survival Skills for Kids: 48 Essential Lessons to Learn Outdoors

Summer Survival Skills for Kids: 48 Essential Lessons to Learn Outdoors

Summer PREP School: 48 Survival Skills for Kids to Learn This Summer!


Summer is an excellent time for kids to learn new skills, and what better skills to teach them than survival skills? Whether it’s camping trips, hiking adventures, or just exploring the great outdoors, knowing survival skills can help kids become more self-reliant and confident in challenging situations. In this post, we’ll share 48 survival skills that kids can learn this summer to be better prepared for whatever comes their way.

1. Building a Shelter

Building a shelter is a basic survival skill that every child should learn. Teach them how to construct a simple lean-to using available natural materials. This skill will come in handy during outdoor adventures or unexpected emergencies.

2. Finding and Purifying Water

Knowing how to find and purify water is essential for survival. Teach your kids how to identify potential water sources, such as rivers, streams, or natural springs. Also, show them methods for purifying water, such as boiling, using water filters, or using purification tablets.

3. Starting a Fire

Fire can provide warmth, cook food, and even signal for help. Teach your kids how to start a fire safely using different methods, such as using a fire starter, flint and steel, or friction-based methods like bow drill or hand drill.

4. Knot Tying

Knot tying is a useful skill in various survival situations. Teach your kids how to tie essential knots like the square knot, clove hitch, and bowline. These knots can be used for shelter building, securing gear, or even first aid purposes.

5. Map Reading and Navigation

Help your kids develop their map reading and navigation skills by going on hiking trips or geocaching adventures. Teach them how to use a compass, read topographic maps, and navigate using landmarks and natural signs.

6. First Aid Basics

Accidents happen, and it’s important for kids to know basic first aid. Teach them how to clean and dress wounds, administer CPR, treat burns, and recognize common outdoor emergencies like snake bites or allergic reactions.

7. Identifying Edible Plants

Knowing how to identify edible plants in the wild can be a lifesaver. Teach your kids how to recognize common edible plants like dandelions, cattails, or wild berries. However, always emphasize the importance of consulting an expert or guidebook before consuming any wild plants.

8. Foraging for Food

Teach your kids how to forage for food in the wilderness. Identify edible insects, teach them how to set up simple traps or snares, and show them how to fish or catch small game using basic survival tools.

9. Campfire Cooking

Cooking over a campfire is not only fun but also a valuable survival skill. Teach your kids how to cook simple meals using a campfire, such as boiling water, grilling meat, or baking potatoes wrapped in foil.

10. Building Emergency Shelters

In addition to building basic shelters, teach your kids how to construct emergency shelters using tarps, ponchos, or emergency blankets. These shelters can provide protection during extreme weather conditions or unexpected emergencies.


Summer is the perfect time for kids to learn essential survival skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. From building shelters to starting fires and identifying edible plants, these skills will not only make them more self-reliant but also boost their confidence in outdoor situations. So, get out there and start teaching your kids the art of survival!

My 2 Cents

Teaching kids survival skills is not only educational but also a great way to bond with them during the summer. Remember to always prioritize safety and supervise them closely when they are practicing these skills. Encourage them to continue learning and exploring the outdoors, as these experiences will foster a love for nature and self-sufficiency.