Short Notice Sale: USPS Shipping Increasing – 17.76% Off All Items

Short Notice Sale: USPS Shipping Increasing – 17.76% Off All Items

# Short Notice Sale – USPS Shipping Increasing – 17.76% OFF ALL ITEMS

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Attention all survivalists and preparedness enthusiasts! The United States Postal Service (USPS) will be raising their shipping rates once again, starting January 21st. As much as we’ve attempted to absorb the various incremental increases in raw material costs and navigate supply chain changes, we have reached a point where we have no choice but to adjust our prices. However, before the new shipping rates kick in, we wanted to show our appreciation for your support by offering a special sale – a 17.76% discount on all items in our 1776 Survival & Preparedness Store. This is a short notice sale, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can!

## Why Is USPS Increasing Shipping Rates?

In today’s global economy, shipping costs are subject to various external factors, such as rising fuel costs, changes in transportation regulations, and inflation. These factors affect not only businesses but also individual consumers. The USPS, being one of the largest shipping providers in the United States, regularly adjusts their rates to reflect these changes. While many factors contribute to the increase in shipping rates, it’s important to understand that these adjustments are necessary to maintain the efficiency and reliability of their services.

## How Will the USPS Rate Increase Affect You?

As someone who values preparedness and survival, it’s essential to be mindful of the impact shipping rate increases can have on your budget. The sudden surge in shipping costs can make a significant difference, especially when it comes to purchasing essential items and equipment for your survival kit. However, with our exclusive 17.76% discount, we aim to alleviate some of that burden and help you maintain your preparedness without breaking the bank.

## Tips for Managing Shipping Costs and Staying Prepared

While we understand that shipping costs can be a concern, especially during times of rate increases, there are several ways you can manage and minimize these expenses while still staying prepared. Here are some tips and tricks:

### 1. Plan Ahead and Consolidate Orders

– Consider planning your purchases in advance to avoid multiple small shipments. Consolidating your orders allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and reduce the number of shipments, ultimately saving on overall shipping costs.

### 2. Opt for Flat Rate Shipping Options

– When shopping online, look for retailers that offer flat rate shipping options. These services often have a flat fee regardless of the weight or distance of the shipment. Utilizing flat rate shipping can be more cost-effective for heavier and larger items.

### 3. Explore Alternative Shipping Providers

– While USPS is a popular and convenient choice, it’s worth exploring alternative shipping providers. Compare rates and services offered by other carriers to find the best option that suits your needs and budget.

### 4. Take Advantage of Free Shipping Promotions

– Keep an eye out for free shipping promotions or minimum order values that qualify for free shipping. Many online retailers offer these incentives to encourage larger orders and reduce shipping costs for their customers.

### 5. Use Package Forwarding Services

– Package forwarding services allow you to ship items to a central location, often in a sales tax-free state, and have them consolidated and forwarded to your address. This can help bypass high shipping costs associated with certain regions or states.

## My 2 Cents

As someone who has always been passionate about preparedness and survival, I understand the importance of being resourceful and adaptable. While shipping rate increases may seem like a setback, they also present an opportunity for us to become more strategic in our approach to preparedness. By implementing the tips mentioned above, we can continue to stay prepared and minimize the impact of shipping costs on our budgets.

Remember, preparedness is an ongoing journey, and being informed and resourceful is key. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and take advantage of our short notice sale – a 17.76% discount on all items in our 1776 Survival & Preparedness Store. Together, we can navigate through any challenge that comes our way.

Stay safe, stay prepared!