Prepping for the Unknown: 17 Prepper TV Shows to Watch

Prepping for the Unknown: 17 Prepper TV Shows to Watch

Prepping for the Unknown: 17 Prepper TV Shows to Watch

When it comes to preparing for the unknown, there are a lot of different resources out there that can help. One great way to learn and get inspired is by watching prepper TV shows. These shows showcase real-life preppers and their strategies for survival in various scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or just getting started, watching these shows can provide valuable insights and ideas for your own prepping journey.

1. “Doomsday Preppers”

Considered one of the first and most popular prepper TV shows, “Doomsday Preppers” features individuals and families who are actively preparing for a wide range of potential doomsday scenarios. The show explores their strategies, bunkers, food storage, and more.

2. “The Colony”

“The Colony” is an intense reality series that puts a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, testing their skills and resourcefulness as they try to rebuild society. This show provides a glimpse into what life may be like after a major disaster.

3. “Dual Survival”

In “Dual Survival,” two survival experts with different backgrounds and philosophies are dropped into challenging environments and must work together to survive. This show offers a unique perspective on survival techniques and the importance of collaboration.

4. “Survivorman”

Les Stroud, also known as Survivorman, is a renowned survival expert who ventures into remote locations with minimal gear and documents his experiences. This show is a great resource for learning practical survival skills from an experienced professional.

5. “Man vs. Wild”

Similar to “Survivorman,” “Man vs. Wild” features survival expert Bear Grylls as he navigates through different terrains and demonstrates various survival techniques. The show is known for its high-adrenaline moments and Grylls’ resourcefulness.

6. “Alone”

In this survival competition series, contestants are isolated in the wilderness with limited resources and must rely on their skills and instincts to survive. “Alone” showcases the mental and physical endurance required in extreme survival situations.

7. “Bugged Out”

“Bugged Out” takes prepping to the next level by exploring the possibilities of bug-out scenarios, where individuals have to quickly evacuate their homes due to a disaster. This show offers valuable insights into emergency preparedness and fast-paced decision-making.

8. “Live Free or Die”

Following a group of individuals who have chosen to live off the grid, “Live Free or Die” showcases their self-sufficient lifestyles and resourceful survival tactics. This show provides a glimpse into alternative ways of living and self-reliance.

9. “Fat Guys in the Woods”

In “Fat Guys in the Woods,” survival expert Creek Stewart takes three out-of-shape men and teaches them essential wilderness survival skills. The show emphasizes the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in challenging environments.

10. “SOS: How to Survive”

Hosted by Creek Stewart, “SOS: How to Survive” teaches viewers practical survival skills, including shelter-building, fire-making, and finding food and water. Each episode focuses on a specific aspect of survival, making it a valuable learning resource.

11. “The Walking Dead”

Although a fictional TV show, “The Walking Dead” offers insights into survival strategies and decision-making during a zombie apocalypse. While the scenario may be unrealistic, the show highlights the importance of community, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

12. “Jericho”

“Jericho” is a post-apocalyptic drama series that follows the residents of a small town as they deal with the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the United States. The show explores the challenges faced by the community and their efforts to rebuild society.

13. “Naked and Afraid”

In “Naked and Afraid,” two strangers are paired together and left in a harsh wilderness environment, completely naked. They must rely on their survival skills, teamwork, and resourcefulness to endure 21 days in the wild. This show emphasizes the mental and physical challenges of survival.

14. “Siberia”

“Siberia” is a scripted drama series that follows contestants as they participate in a reality show set in the Siberian wilderness. However, unexpected events occur, and the contestants find themselves fighting for their lives. This unique show blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

15. “The Great Human Race”

“The Great Human Race” takes viewers back in time to explore how early humans survived in hostile environments. The show combines expert analysis and experimental archaeology to recreate prehistoric survival scenarios.

16. “One Man Army”

“One Man Army” features elite military and law enforcement professionals competing in extreme challenges that test their physical strength, mental agility, and survival skills. This show provides a glimpse into the training and capabilities of these highly trained individuals.

17. “Hunted”

“Hunted” is a reality TV series where teams of ordinary individuals try to evade capture by skilled investigators using cutting-edge surveillance technology. While not directly related to survival scenarios, the show offers insights into evasion techniques and the importance of staying under the radar.

Final Thoughts

Watching prepper TV shows can be entertaining while also providing valuable insights into survival strategies and techniques. These shows offer a range of scenarios and perspectives, allowing viewers to learn from the experiences of others and apply those lessons to their own prepping efforts. Whether you’re an experienced prepper or just starting out, these shows can be a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

My 2 Cents: While watching prepper TV shows is a great way to gain knowledge and inspiration, don’t forget to put what you learn into practice. Take the lessons and techniques you see on screen and apply them in real-life scenarios. Keep in mind that real survival situations often require adaptability and quick decision-making, so don’t rely solely on what you’ve seen on TV. Use these shows as a starting point and continue to expand your survival skills through hands-on training and experience.