Looter Deterrents To SafeGuard Your Possessions

Looter Deterrents To SafeGuard Your Possessions

As a survival expert, one of the top concerns during a crisis is the possibility of looters. When the world is in chaos, some people are desperate enough to break into homes or businesses to steal whatever resources they can find. This is why it is necessary to have looter deterrents in place to safeguard your belongings. While many are aware of the traditional looter deterrents like strong locks and security systems, there are other methods that you can use to keep your property safe. Here are some looter deterrents that you may not have known about.

1. Keep your property maintained with an “occupied” look.
Maintaining your property with an “occupied” look can deter looters from breaking in. This can be done by keeping the lawn well-kept, regularly using your mailbox, and leaving a few lights on at night. These simple actions can give the illusion that someone is still living in the house, discouraging any potential burglars from attempting to enter.

2. MakeĀ use of noise makers.
Looters don’t want to draw attention to themselves. One way to discourage them from coming near your property is by using noise makers like wind chimes, motion-activated animal noise makers, or even some dog barking sounds. These are great tools that will frighten looters from your property and alert you to their presence.

3. Use perimeter alarms.
Perimeter alarms are another great option to consider. They can be as simple as bells or chimes hung on your gates, or more sophisticated ones like infrared motion detectors. It will notify you if someone is crossing into your property, and the loud sound may deter the potential burglar from continuing to enter further.

4. Plants your yard with thorny bushes.
Speaking of property lines, planting some thorny bushes around the perimeter of your property can serve as a natural wall and a deterrent for potential looters. This creates an obstacle for anyone attempting to get in, and the sharp thorns can be a natural barrier to entry.

5. Create a safe room.
Creating a safe room within your home can also be a great way to keep your family and valuable belongings safe during a crisis. A safe room is a fortified space within your home that is designed to keep intruders out. It should be equipped with all of the necessities like food, water, and medical supplies, should stay stocked to ensure that you can stay safely inside if necessary.

In conclusion, the above are just a few ideas of looter deterrents that you could consider to safeguard your home during a crisis. With some simple and inexpensive modifications, you can increase the security of your home and the safety of your family. Remember, taking preventive measures before a disaster strikes can make the difference between keeping your belongings and losing everything.