Items You Need to EMP-Proof Before It’s Too Late

Items You Need to EMP-Proof Before It’s Too Late

Items You Need to EMP-Proof Before It’s Too Late

Understanding EMP Attacks

In recent years, the concept and threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack have become more prevalent in the media. An EMP attack is a burst of electromagnetic energy that can disrupt or destroy electronic devices, potentially causing widespread chaos and disruption. While these attacks are still relatively rare, the possibility of them occurring in the future has prompted many preppers and survivalists to consider ways to protect their important equipment.

The Vulnerability of Electronic Devices

Our modern society relies heavily on electronic devices for communication, transportation, and even emergency services. However, these devices are also highly vulnerable to the destructive effects of an EMP attack. The electromagnetic pulse can overload and damage the sensitive electronic components, rendering them useless.

1. Smartphones

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, so it’s crucial to protect them from an EMP attack. Here are a few tips to EMP-proof your smartphones:

  • Invest in a Faraday bag or a metal ammo can with rubber lining to store your phone. These containers can shield your device from the electromagnetic pulse.
  • Consider purchasing a spare phone and store it in an EMP-proof container as a backup in case your primary device gets damaged.
  • Keep your phone turned off or in airplane mode when not in use. This reduces the chances of it being affected by an EMP attack.

2. Communications Devices

During a crisis, communication becomes even more critical. Here’s how you can protect your communication devices from EMP attacks:

  • Store your two-way radios, walkie-talkies, or survival radios in a Faraday cage or metal container to shield them from the effects of an EMP blast.
  • Consider purchasing ham radios, as they are often more resistant to EMP attacks compared to other communication devices.
  • Have multiple backup power sources, such as hand-crank chargers or solar chargers, to keep your communication devices powered during a blackout.

EMP-Proofing Essential Survival Gear

1. Flashlights

Flashlights are crucial for navigating in the dark during an emergency. Here’s how you can EMP-proof your flashlights:

  • Invest in flashlights that use LED technology. LED flashlights are more resistant to the effects of an EMP attack compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Store your flashlights in Faraday cages or metal containers when not in use to protect them from electromagnetic pulses.
  • Consider using rechargeable flashlights that can be powered through hand-cranking or solar charging, reducing your reliance on batteries.

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels are a valuable asset during times of crisis as they provide a source of renewable and sustainable energy. Here’s how to EMP-proof your solar panels:

  • Protect your solar panels by storing them in Faraday cages or metal containers when not in use.
  • Consider investing in solar panel kits that include built-in EMP protection features, such as surge protectors or shielding layers.
  • Have a backup power source, such as a hand-cranked generator, to provide electricity in case your solar panels are damaging in an EMP attack.

EMP Preparedness for Vehicles

In a post-EMP world, transportation becomes a significant challenge. Here’s how you can EMP-proof your vehicles:

1. Cars and Trucks

While it might be challenging to fully EMP-proof modern vehicles, there are some steps you can take to minimize the damage:

  • Consider older model vehicles without extensive electronics as these are less vulnerable to EMP attacks.
  • Invest in a Faraday bag that you can place over your car’s key fob when not in use to protect it from an EMP blast.
  • Keep a backup set of car keys stored in an EMP-proof container as a precautionary measure.

2. Motorcycles or Bicycles

Motorcycles and bicycles offer alternative transportation options in an EMP-affected world. Here’s how to EMP-proof them:

  • Opt for motorcycles or bicycles that have minimal electronic components as these are less susceptible to EMP attacks.
  • Store spare parts, essential tools, and maintenance supplies in EMP-proof containers to ensure you can repair and maintain your transportation devices after an EMP event.
  • Consider investing in manual propulsion systems, such as bike trailers or pedal-assist devices, to extend your mobility without relying on electronic components.

My 2 Cents

EMP attacks are a real threat that could potentially disrupt our modern way of life. While it’s impossible to prevent an EMP attack from occurring, taking steps to EMP-proof essential items can go a long way in ensuring your survival and preparedness. Remember to invest in Faraday bags or EMP-proof containers to shield your electronic devices. Additionally, having backup power sources and alternative transportation options can help you stay mobile and connected in a post-EMP world. Stay prepared and stay safe!