How Your Kids Toys Can Help You in an Emergency

How Your Kids Toys Can Help You in an Emergency

How Your Kids’ Toys Can Help You in an Emergency


In times of emergency or crisis, it is important to think outside the box and make use of all available resources. While we often think of survival and preparedness in terms of food, water, and shelter, there are many unconventional items that can come in handy when faced with unexpected situations. One such resource that many people overlook is their children’s toys. Yes, you read that right – your kids’ toys can actually be a valuable asset in an emergency. In this article, we will explore several ways in which your kids’ toys can help you during a crisis.

1. Communication

When traditional methods of communication fail, having alternative means to communicate with others can be a lifesaver. Many children’s toys come with walkie-talkie functionality, which can be incredibly useful in emergency situations. These walkie-talkies often have a decent range and can allow you to communicate with family members or neighbors who may be in a different part of your property or nearby.


– Teach your children how to use the walkie-talkies and establish a designated channel for emergency communication.
– Keep spare batteries for the walkie-talkies in your emergency supplies.

2. Lighting

During a power outage or any situation that leaves you without electricity, having reliable lighting is crucial. While flashlights and candles are commonly used, you may be surprised to learn that some children’s toys also double as a light source. Many toys, such as lanterns or nightlights, are battery-powered and can provide a decent amount of illumination. These toys can be especially helpful if you have young children who may be scared of the dark during an emergency.


– Make sure to keep spare batteries for these toys in your emergency kit.
– Test the toys periodically to ensure they are in working condition.

3. Entertainment

In a stressful situation, keeping yourself and your children entertained is important for maintaining a sense of normalcy. While it may seem trivial, toys can provide a much-needed distraction and entertainment during difficult times. Board games, card games, and puzzles are all examples of toys that can help pass the time and keep spirits up. Additionally, stuffed animals can provide comfort and a sense of security to young children during stressful situations.


– Include a few favorite toys and games in your emergency kit.
– Consider age-appropriate toys for each child in your household.

4. First Aid Practice

Children’s medical kits often contain basic first aid supplies, such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and gauze. While these kits are designed for pretend play, they can also be useful for practicing real-life first aid techniques with your children. By incorporating their toys into first aid practice sessions, you can teach your children valuable skills that may come in handy during an emergency.


– Use the toys as patients during practice sessions to make it more engaging for your children.
– Make sure to restock the medical kit after each practice session.

5. DIY Tools

Many children’s toys are designed to encourage creativity and problem-solving. These toys often come with various tools and parts that can be repurposed in emergency situations. For example, building blocks can be used to create makeshift barricades or raised platforms to keep items off the ground. Toy tools, such as wrenches or screwdrivers, can be used for basic repairs or improvisations.


– Keep a separate container for toy tools and parts that can be easily accessed during an emergency.
– Teach children how to safely use these tools and supervise their use.


When faced with an emergency, it is important to think outside the box and utilize all available resources. Your children’s toys can provide creative solutions and help you overcome unexpected obstacles. From communication to entertainment, lighting to first aid practice, and even DIY tools, there are numerous ways in which toys can assist you during a crisis. Take the time to assess your children’s toy collection and identify the items that may be useful in an emergency. By being resourceful and thinking creatively, you can leverage these unconventional assets and increase your chances of survival.

My 2 Cents

Don’t underestimate the value of your children’s toys in an emergency situation. While they may seem like mere playthings, they can serve a practical purpose when needed. Encourage your children to learn about emergency preparedness and involve them in discussions about how their toys can be repurposed during a crisis. Not only will this teach them valuable skills, but it will also empower them and give them a sense of contribution to the well-being of their family. Remember, in times of crisis, every resource counts. Stay prepared, stay safe!