How to Get Rid of Grubs and Keep Ground Moles Away

How to Get Rid of Grubs and Keep Ground Moles Away

How To Get Rid Of Grubs – And Keep Ground Moles Away For Good!


Grubs and ground moles can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. Not only do grubs feed on the roots of your grass, causing brown patches to appear, but they also attract ground moles, who feast on these tasty insects. If you’re tired of dealing with the damage caused by grubs and ground moles, it’s time to take action and get rid of them once and for all. In this article, we will discuss effective methods to eliminate grubs and keep ground moles away.

What are Grubs and Ground Moles?


Grubs are the larval stage of beetles, such as Japanese beetles and June bugs. These creamy white, C-shaped pests live in the soil and feed on the roots of grass. When left untreated, grubs can quickly multiply, causing extensive damage to your lawn.

Ground Moles:

Ground moles are small mammals with velvety fur and webbed feet that allow them to tunnel through the soil. While they may look cute, their presence can be detrimental to your garden and lawn. Ground moles feed on grubs and other insects, and their digging can cause unsightly mounds of soil and destroy the root systems of your plants.

Methods to Get Rid of Grubs

1. Biological Control:

Introducing beneficial nematodes to your lawn is an effective and natural way to control grub populations. Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms that seek out and infect grubs, ultimately killing them. These nematodes are safe for pets, humans, and the environment. Simply apply them to your lawn according to the product instructions.

2. Chemical Control:

If the infestation is severe and biological control methods aren’t enough, chemical control can be used as a last resort. Look for insecticides specifically labeled for grub control and follow the instructions carefully. Apply the insecticide during the late summer or early fall when grubs are most vulnerable.

3. Nematode-Infected Grub Skewers:

This unique method allows you to take advantage of the natural nematodes in your soil. Simply place bamboo skewers into the ground where grub activity is evident. The bamboo skewers will attract the nematodes, who will infect and kill the grubs. This method is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Methods to Keep Ground Moles Away

1. Physical Barriers:

Create a physical barrier by installing wire mesh or hardware cloth underground, surrounding areas of your garden or lawn that are prone to ground mole activity. This will prevent the moles from tunneling into your desired areas.

2. Vibrating Mole Repellent Devices:

Vibrating mole repellent devices emit high-frequency vibrations that disturb ground moles’ sensitive hearing and cause them to seek quieter areas. Place these devices in areas with ground mole activity for effective deterrence.

3. Castor Oil:

Mix equal parts of castor oil and water and spray the solution in mole-infested areas. Ground moles dislike the smell and taste of castor oil, making your yard less appealing to them.

My 2 Cents

Getting rid of grubs and keeping ground moles away requires a multi-pronged approach. Start by addressing the grub problem using biological or chemical control methods, depending on the severity of the infestation. Once the grubs are under control, focus on deterring ground moles from your property by implementing physical barriers, using vibrating mole repellent devices, or applying castor oil. Remember to always follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturers and be patient, as it may take time to see significant results. By taking these steps, you can reclaim your lawn and garden from the damaging effects of grubs and ground moles. Happy gardening!