Feds Favored Past Presidents, Attorneys Claim

Feds Favored Past Presidents, Attorneys Claim

1. Introduction
Start the post by providing a brief overview of the topic, including who Donald Trump is and the charges against him. Also include the possible defense of being set up by the government.

2. The Indictment
Go into detail on the 37 counts of willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and false statements that Trump has been indicted for. You can also talk about the potential penalty and consequences should he be found guilty.

3. The Possible Defense
Discuss the details of the possible defense that Trump and his lawyers are considering: that he may have been set up by the federal government. Talk about the evidence or circumstances that may support this defense and its viability in court.

4. Government Motives and Actions
Here, you can provide some background information about the actions of the government and the possible motives for setting up Trump. You could also talk about similar cases where a defendant has used this defense.

5. Public Opinion and Reaction
Discuss the public response to the news of the indictment and the possible defense being considered by Trump. You could analyze how this case may impact the political landscape and the public’s perception of the government and the justice system.

6. Conclusion
Wrap up the post by summarizing your main points and providing your opinion on the matter. Avoid taking sides or making any unfounded accusations. Instead, encourage readers to make their own conclusions based on the available facts and evidence.

Overall, a post on this topic should be written objectively and without bias. It’s essential to provide factual information and analysis on the charges, the possible defense, and the government’s actions without promoting any political agenda.