DIY Backyard Charcoal Making Guide.

DIY Backyard Charcoal Making Guide.

Charcoal is a commonly used material in households all over the world. It can be used as fuel for cooking and heating, as well as for many other purposes. With the growing interest in self-sufficiency and survival skills, there has been an increasing interest in making charcoal at home. Thankfully, making charcoal in your backyard is a simple process that can provide you with a great source of fuel when you need it.

Step 1: Selecting the Wood

The first thing you need to do is select the right type of wood for making charcoal. Hardwoods such as oak, hickory, maple or beech work best as they produce a higher quality of charcoal. The wood should be dry and free of any rot or decay. You can use fallen branches or trees but make sure that they are not treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

Step 2: Preparing the Kiln

Next, you should prepare the kiln. The kiln is simply a container in which you will burn the wood to make charcoal. You will need a metal drum or a large steel can with a lid. The container should be able to withstand high temperatures and have a tight-fitting lid. You will also need a drill to make several small holes in the bottom of the container to allow the air to circulate.

Step 3: Loading the Kiln

Once you have the right type of wood and the kiln prepared, you can load the kiln with the wood. Stack the wood in the kiln in a vertical position. You can pack the wood tightly but leave a little space between the logs to allow the air to flow through.

Step 4: Lighting the Kiln

The next step is to light the kiln. Place some kindling and a few pieces of crumpled paper in the bottom of the container. Light the paper with a match and let the kindling catch fire. The fire will slowly spread to the wood above. Once the wood is completely lit, put the lid back on the container.

Step 5: Controlling the Temperature

As the wood burns, the temperature inside the container will rise. You will need to monitor the temperature to ensure that the wood is being burned at the right temperature. The ideal temperature for making charcoal is between 400 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature or simply look for smoke coming from the holes in the bottom of the container.

Step 6: Waiting for the Charcoal

Once the wood has been burning for a few hours, you will start to see the smoke coming from the bottom of the container change from white to a bluish-gray color. This is a sign that the wood is turning into charcoal. You will need to let the wood burn for 12-24 hours, depending on the size of the container and the amount of wood inside. Once the wood has burned down, let the container cool overnight before opening it.

Step 7: Storing the Charcoal

Once the container has cooled, you can open it and remove the charcoal. The charcoal will be hot, so be careful when handling it. You can store the charcoal in a dry, ventilated area. It can be used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose that requires a reliable source of fuel.

In conclusion, making charcoal in your backyard is a simple and easy process. With the right type of wood, a kiln, and a little bit of patience, you can produce a great source of fuel for when you need it most. Making charcoal at home is a great way to become more self-sufficient and to develop new survival skills. Give it a try and see how much you can learn.