Can Pigs and Goats Live Together on a Homestead? Optimal Tips

Can Pigs and Goats Live Together on a Homestead? Optimal Tips

Can Pigs and Goats Live Together? Useful Homesteading Tips


Many homesteaders often ponder the question: “Can pigs and goats live together?” This is an important consideration for small-scale farmers and hobby farmers alike who are looking to maximize their space and resources. In this article, we explore this concept, providing useful tips and advice for successful cohabitation of pigs and goats.

Understanding Pig and Goat Behavior

Before delving into the topic of keeping pigs and goats together, it’s important to understand the behavior of these animals. Pigs are known to be intelligent, social animals that thrive in groups. They enjoy rooting in the ground and having access to mud for cooling themselves down. On the other hand, goats are curious and agile climbers. They enjoy foraging for food and exploring their surroundings.

While both pigs and goats are generally friendly and adaptable, it’s crucial to note that there can be individual variations in behavior. Some pigs may be more aggressive or territorial, while some goats may be skittish or easily frightened. Proper care and supervision are necessary to ensure the well-being of both animals.

Consideration for Co-habitation

1. Space: To successfully keep pigs and goats together, you’ll need enough space to accommodate both species comfortably. Pigs and goats require separate areas for feeding and resting. Providing enough space for each species is essential to prevent any conflicts or overcrowding.

2. Fencing: Proper fencing is crucial when housing pigs and goats together. Pigs are notorious for their rooting behavior, which can damage fencing. Use sturdy fencing materials and ensure that the fencing is secure and reinforced at the bottom to prevent pigs from digging under. Additionally, make sure the fencing is tall enough to prevent goats from jumping over.

3. Housing: While pigs are generally fine with a simple shelter, goats prefer a raised platform or structure to climb on. Create separate housing areas to ensure both species have their own comfortable spaces. Providing proper bedding and shelter from the elements is essential for their overall well-being.

Benefits of Cohabitation

1. Utilizing Space: Keeping pigs and goats together allows you to make the most of your available land. Pigs are excellent at clearing land and rooting up vegetation, while goats are skilled at grazing. By rotating their access to different areas, you can improve land health and reduce the need for extensive maintenance.

2. Pest Control: Pigs are natural foragers and can help control pests on your homestead. They enjoy rooting around for insects, grubs, and even small rodents. With pigs and goats together, you’ll have an additional line of defense against pests while reducing the need for chemical pest control.

3. Companion Animals: Pigs and goats can provide companionship for each other. They can interact and establish social bonds, which can be beneficial for their overall well-being. With proper introduction and supervision, they can create a harmonious environment on your homestead.

My 2 Cents

Keeping pigs and goats together can be a rewarding experience, but it requires careful planning and management. Here are a few additional tips to ensure success:

– Introduce them gradually: When introducing pigs and goats, it’s essential to do so gradually. Start by allowing them to see and smell each other through a secure fence. Eventually, you can allow supervised physical contact, ensuring that neither animal feels threatened or stressed.

– Separate feeding areas: Pigs and goats have different dietary needs. Ensure that they have separate feeding areas to prevent competition and ensure each animal gets the right nutrition.

– Regular health checks: Regularly inspect and monitor the health of both pigs and goats. Look out for signs of illness or injury and address any issues promptly to prevent the spread of disease or unnecessary suffering.

By considering the behavior and needs of pigs and goats, providing adequate space and housing, and understanding the potential benefits, you can successfully keep them together. With proper care and management, cohabitation can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both species on your homestead. Happy farming!


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