Asking Permission From the Government: The Loss of True Freedom in America

Asking Permission From the Government: The Loss of True Freedom in America

Asking Permission From the Government

The Loss of True Freedom in America

These days, it seems like we need permission from the government for just about everything we do. Want to start a business? You’ll need permits and licenses. Want to build a home? You’ll need to comply with building codes and regulations. Want to own a gun? You’ll need to go through a background check and obtain a license.

This over-reliance on government permission is a far cry from the vision our Founding Fathers had for our great nation. They fought for a government that existed to protect the natural rights of its citizens, not one that dictated every aspect of their lives.

The Rise of Government Overreach

So how did we end up in a situation where asking permission from the government has become the norm? The answer lies in the gradual erosion of our freedoms over time.

One key factor has been the growth of the administrative state. This refers to the complex web of government agencies and regulations that have been created over the years. These agencies have been given broad powers to make and enforce rules without much oversight from Congress or the courts.

Additionally, the rise of the nanny state mentality has played a role. Many politicians and bureaucrats believe that they know what is best for the American people and feel compelled to regulate every aspect of our lives in the name of safety and security.

The Consequences of Overreliance on Government Permission

While government regulation may be well-intentioned, there are several negative consequences that come with asking permission for everything.

  • Loss of individual liberty: The more we rely on the government for permission, the less freedom we have to live our lives as we see fit. We become dependent on bureaucrats to make decisions that should be left to individuals.
  • Stifling innovation and entrepreneurship: Excessive regulation can be a significant barrier to starting a business or pursuing new ideas. When entrepreneurs are burdened with red tape, they are less likely to take risks and create new opportunities.
  • Waste of resources: The administrative state requires significant resources to operate. This means that taxpayer dollars are being spent on bureaucracy rather than on public goods and services.
  • Diminishing respect for the rule of law: When laws and regulations become so burdensome and convoluted, it can be challenging for individuals to understand and comply with them. This can lead to a lack of respect for the rule of law as people become disillusioned with a system that feels arbitrary and unfair.

Bringing Back True Freedom

While it may seem daunting to reverse the trend of government overreach and restore true freedom in America, it is not impossible.

  • Educate yourself: Stay informed about the issues and understand the principles of limited government and individual liberty. Knowledge is power, and the more educated you are, the better equipped you will be to make a difference.
  • Get involved: Participate in grassroots movements, support organizations that advocate for limited government, and engage with your elected officials. Your voice matters, and collective action can bring about change.
  • Support candidates who value freedom: When it comes time to vote, research the candidates and support those who prioritize individual liberty and limited government. Be an active participant in the democratic process.
  • Challenge the status quo: Don’t be afraid to question the wisdom of excessive regulation and government control. Encourage thoughtful discussions and debates about the role of government in our lives.

My 2 Cents

Asking permission from the government should not be the norm in a country founded on the principles of liberty and limited government. It is crucial that we recognize the dangers of overreliance on government and work towards restoring true freedom in America.

Educating ourselves, getting involved, supporting freedom-minded candidates, and challenging the status quo are all steps we can take to make a difference. Remember, change starts at the grassroots level, and each of us has the power to be a catalyst for that change.

Let’s strive to build a future where Americans can live their lives free from unnecessary government interference and where the pursuit of happiness is not stifled by bureaucracy.