Are Preppers More Vulnerable to Theft? Tips from a Burglar

Are Preppers More Vulnerable to Theft? Tips from a Burglar

Are Preppers More Vulnerable To Theft? Ask A Burglar


When it comes to prepping, one of the major concerns that often arises is the question of security. With an emphasis on stockpiling supplies and being well-prepared for any disaster, it’s natural to wonder whether preppers are more vulnerable to theft. To answer this question, let’s delve into the mind of a burglar and examine some reasons why preppers might be perceived as easy targets.

The Perception of Preppers

As a burglar, the first thing I would consider when targeting a house is whether it seems worth the risk. Preppers often have an abundance of supplies stored in their homes, making them an attractive target. Additionally, the perception of preppers as individuals who distrust the government and are preparing for the worst can make them appear socially isolated, making burglars believe they won’t have to worry about neighbors witnessing their activities.

Tip: Maintaining a Low Profile

To counteract this perception, preppers should prioritize maintaining a low profile. Avoid flaunting your preparedness efforts to the outside world or discussing your supplies with people you don’t fully trust. Advertise your home security measures subtly rather than prominently displaying them to deter potential burglars.

Poorly Secured Stockpiles

Another reason why preppers might be seen as easy targets is due to the belief that their stockpiles are poorly secured. While preppers often focus on hoarding supplies, they may overlook implementing adequate security measures to protect their investments.

Tip: Securing Your Stockpile

It’s crucial for preppers to invest in proper security measures to ensure the safety of their stockpiles. Here are a few tips to consider:

– Install sturdy locks and reinforce doors and windows to make entry more difficult.
– Consider investing in a home security system with surveillance cameras and motion sensors.
– Store your supplies in a secure and hidden location within your home.
– Keep a detailed inventory of your stockpile and regularly inspect it for any signs of tampering.
– Consider joining or forming a community of preppers who can enhance each other’s security by watching out for one another.

Easy Access Points

Burglars are experts at identifying easy access points in homes, and unfortunately, preppers are not exempt from this vulnerability. If your property displays signs of neglect or has weak entry points, burglars will take notice and potentially exploit them.

Tip: Reinforcing Vulnerable Areas

To address this issue, preppers should focus on reinforcing vulnerable areas of their homes. Here are a few key steps to consider:

– Ensure all doors and windows are properly secured with sturdy locks.
– Install window bars or shatter-resistant film to make entry more difficult.
– Consider installing an alarm system that includes motion sensors for added security.

The Element of Surprise

Another reason why burglars may see preppers as easy targets is due to the element of surprise. Since preppers are often focused on long-term survival scenarios, they might not be as vigilant in securing their homes against immediate threats. Burglars prey on this perceived vulnerability and take advantage of the element of surprise.

Tip: Maintaining Constant Vigilance

To avoid falling victim to surprise attacks, preppers should maintain constant vigilance when it comes to home security. Here are a few tips to consider:

– Conduct regular inspections of your property for any signs of suspicious activity or attempted break-ins.
– Install outdoor lighting to deter burglars and make your property less appealing as a target.
– Keep vegetation and shrubbery near windows and entry points well-maintained to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars.

My 2 Cents

While it’s true that preppers might be seen as attractive targets by burglars, it doesn’t mean prepping automatically makes you more vulnerable. By taking necessary security measures and being diligent in maintaining a low profile, preppers can effectively protect their supplies and ensure the safety of their homes. Remember, the key is to blend in with the rest of society while still maintaining a strong focus on preparedness. Stay alert, stay secure!


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