9 Clever House Hiding Spots for Valuables: Fool Looters and Keep Your Belongings Safe

9 Clever House Hiding Spots for Valuables: Fool Looters and Keep Your Belongings Safe

# 9 Hiding Spots In Your House Where Looters Always Look First

When it comes to keeping your valuables safe during turbulent times, finding the right hiding spots in your house can be crucial. Whether you are worried about potential looters or just want to have a secure spot for your prized possessions, it’s essential to think like a thief. By understanding where burglars are most likely to search, you can come up with clever hiding spots that will keep your belongings well-protected.

Here are nine hiding spots in your house where looters always look first, as well as some tips on how to fool them:

## 1. Master Bedroom Drawers

It’s no surprise that burglars often head straight to the master bedroom when searching for valuable items. They know that people are more likely to store important documents, jewelry, and cash in this area. To outsmart them, consider hiding your valuables in less obvious places, like inside an old shoebox at the back of your closet or underneath a false bottom in one of your dresser drawers.

## 2. Jewelry Boxes

While it might seem counterintuitive to hide valuable jewelry in a jewelry box, burglars often check there first. Instead, consider creating a diversion by placing inexpensive decoy jewelry in plain sight and hiding your valuable pieces in a locked safe or a well-disguised storage container in a less obvious location.

## 3. Closet Safes

Burglars are well-aware of the existence of closet safes and will often spend time searching for them. Instead of opting for a regular safe, try installing a hidden safe, such as a wall-mounted or floor-mounted safe, that can blend in seamlessly with your closet’s surroundings.

## 4. Nightstand Drawers

Nightstand drawers are another common place that burglars look for cash, electronic devices, and other small valuables. To keep your belongings safe, consider installing a false bottom in one of your nightstand drawers or using a diversion safe, such as a disguised book safe or a hollowed-out object.

## 5. Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

While burglars might not typically expect to find valuable items in a bathroom, they often check medicine cabinets in the hope of finding prescription medications that can be sold. To throw them off, consider placing a small safe or a hidden compartment behind your bathroom mirror, or find an inconspicuous spot in the bathroom where you can hide your valuables.

## 6. Bookshelves

Burglars are known to search bookshelves in the hopes of finding hidden safes or stashes of cash. Instead of using an obvious book safe, try creating your own hidden compartment within one of the regular books on the shelf. This can be done by cutting out the center pages or using a hollowed-out book box.

## 7. Kitchen Pantry

While it might seem strange, burglars often check the kitchen pantry for valuable items. To throw them off, consider hiding your valuables in empty food packages or in the back of sealed containers. Just make sure you don’t accidentally throw them away or consume them yourself!

## 8. Wall Decorations

Wall decorations, such as picture frames or wall hangings, can provide some discreet hiding spots. Consider using a shadow box with a false back or a picture frame with a hidden compartment to keep your valuable items safe.

## 9. Underneath Mattresses

Yes, burglars often check underneath mattresses, so this might not be the ideal hiding spot for your most valuable items. However, it can still be a good spot for things like emergency cash or small documents that you want to keep close at hand. Just make sure to be discreet and not draw attention to it.

Remember, it’s important to choose hiding spots that are secure, but also easily accessible to you. Make sure you can remember where you hid your belongings to avoid any unnecessary stress when you need them. It’s also a good idea to invest in a comprehensive home security system that includes alarms, cameras, and motion sensor lights to deter burglars in the first place.

### My 2 Cents

Hiding your valuable items and important documents in clever spots around your house can give you peace of mind during uncertain times. Remember to think like a thief and avoid the common hiding spots that burglars often target first. Creating diversion safes, installing hidden compartments, and using deceptive storage methods can help to keep your belongings safe and out of sight.

However, it’s important to note that the best defense against burglars is a comprehensive home security system. While hiding spots can be effective, they are just one layer of protection. Invest in quality locks, alarms, and security cameras to ensure the safety of your home and its contents. Stay safe and stay prepared!