7 Essential Uses of Vaseline When SHTF

7 Essential Uses of Vaseline When SHTF

h2 How To Use Vaseline When SHTF

h3 Introduction

When it comes to survival situations, it’s essential to have a versatile and multi-purpose item in your emergency kit. One such item is Vaseline, a petroleum jelly that has a wide range of practical uses, both in everyday life and during a crisis. In this article, we will explore some of the ways you can use Vaseline when SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan).

h3 Lubrication and Protection

1. Protect and lubricate firearms: When SHTF, you need to ensure that your firearms are in good working condition. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline on the metal components of your guns helps prevent rust and corrosion. It also acts as a lubricant, reducing friction and ensuring smooth operation.

2. Waterproof matches: In wet conditions, it can be challenging to start a fire. To make your matches waterproof, coat the heads with Vaseline. This creates a barrier against moisture and increases the chances of successfully igniting a flame.

3. Prevent chafing and blisters: During an emergency situation, you may find yourself on the move a lot, which can lead to blisters and chafing. Apply Vaseline on areas prone to friction, such as your feet and inner thighs, to reduce rubbing and prevent painful blisters.

h3 Fire Starter

1. Make a Vaseline cotton ball fire starter: Using a cotton ball and some Vaseline, you can create a highly effective fire starter that can ignite even damp or windy conditions. Simply take a cotton ball and rub it in Vaseline until it’s fully saturated. Store these fire starters in a waterproof container for your next camping or survival trip.

2. Emergency candle: In the absence of candles, you can create an emergency light source with Vaseline. Take a small amount of Vaseline and apply it as a wick to the center of a folded piece of tissue paper. The petroleum jelly will act as fuel, giving you a makeshift candle that can burn for hours.

h3 Personal Care

1. Moisturizer for dry skin: In survival situations, exposure to harsh elements can leave your skin dry and cracked. Vaseline can be used as a moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin. Apply a thin layer to your face, hands, and other dry areas for instant relief.

2. Lip balm: Chapped lips can be a common problem during emergencies. Vaseline can be used as a makeshift lip balm to soothe and protect your lips from dryness and cracking. Carry a small container of Vaseline in your emergency kit for quick and easy lip care.

3. Protect your hands: In a crisis, you may find yourself performing various tasks that can be rough on your hands. Applying Vaseline before engaging in activities such as gardening, woodworking, or handling tools can help protect your skin from cuts, scrapes, and dryness.

h3 Other Practical Uses

1. Signal mirror: In an emergency situation, a signal mirror can be a valuable tool for catching the attention of rescuers. By applying a thin layer of Vaseline on a small piece of reflective material (such as a compact mirror or aluminum foil), you can enhance its reflective properties, increasing its effectiveness as a signaling device.

2. Rust prevention: Vaseline is effective at preventing rust not only on firearms but also on other metal tools and equipment. Apply a small amount to metal surfaces to create a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion.

h3 My 2 Cents

Having Vaseline in your emergency kit can be a game-changer when it comes to survival situations. Its versatility and numerous practical uses make it an invaluable resource. From lubricating firearms to creating fire starters and providing personal care, the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s crucial to remember that Vaseline is a petroleum-based product, so ensure it’s stored in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat or open flames. Also, keep in mind that while Vaseline has many practical uses, it should not be ingested or used as a food substitute.

As with any survival skill, practice makes perfect. Before relying on Vaseline as a crucial resource during an emergency, familiarize yourself with its various uses and test them out in non-emergency situations. Being prepared and knowledgeable is the key to survival when SHTF. Stay safe, and remember to plan ahead!