26 Diy Goat Toys to Keep Them Busy

26 Diy Goat Toys to Keep Them Busy

# 26 DIY Goat Toys to Keep Them Busy

Goats are fascinating creatures with curious and playful personalities. They are natural foragers and love to explore their surroundings. However, sometimes they need a little extra stimulation to keep them busy and entertained. Providing them with toys not only keeps them mentally and physically engaged but also prevents boredom and destructive behavior. In this article, we will explore 26 DIY goat toys that you can make at home to keep your goats happy and occupied.

## 1. Hanging Treat Dispenser

– Take a plastic container, drill multiple holes in it, and thread a strong rope through the holes.
– Fill the container with goat treats such as dried fruits or vegetables.
– Hang the treat dispenser from a tree branch or in the goat’s enclosure.
– As the goats push and play with the dispenser, treats will fall out, providing them with a fun and rewarding activity.

## 2. Cardboard Box Maze

– Collect large cardboard boxes and cut openings in them to create a maze-like structure.
– Place the boxes in the goat’s enclosure and scatter treats or hay inside each box.
– Your goats will love exploring the maze, finding treats, and navigating through the different pathways.

## 3. DIY Goat Playground

– Build a small goat playground using sturdy wooden planks, tires, and ropes.
– Include platforms, ramps, and bridges for the goats to climb and explore.
– Make sure the structure is securely anchored to the ground to prevent accidents.

## 4. PVC Pipe Puzzle

– Assemble a puzzle using PVC pipes and connectors.
– Cut the PVC pipes into various lengths and attach the connectors to create a challenging puzzle structure.
– Hide treats or small toys inside the pipes, and your goats will have a blast figuring out how to retrieve them.

## 5. Tug-of-War Rope

– Tie a long, thick rope to a sturdy post or tree.
– Allow your goats to tug on the rope, engaging their natural instincts and providing them with exercise.
– Make sure the rope is securely anchored to avoid injuries.

## 6. Traffic Cone Tower

– Collect several traffic cones and stack them up in a pyramid shape.
– Hide treats or hay between the cones, and watch as your goats knock them down to get to the goodies.

## 7. Jingle Bell Balls

– Take a few small bells and place them inside a plastic or rubber ball.
– When your goats push or play with the ball, it will make a jingling sound, capturing their attention and providing them with auditory stimulation.

## 8. Straw Bale Obstacle Course

– Arrange straw or hay bales in a variety of formations in your goat’s enclosure.
– Create tunnels, bridges, and platforms to encourage exploration and climbing.
– Straw bales also double as a cozy resting spot for your goats.

## 9. Hanging Brush

– Attach a sturdy brush to a wooden plank, making sure it’s securely fastened.
– Hang the brush at a height suitable for your goats to rub against.
– Goats love the feeling of the brush against their backs, and it provides them with a sense of comfort and relaxation.

## 10. Soccer Ball Kicker

– Use a large, durable soccer ball and anchor it to the ground with a rope or chain.
– Encourage your goats to push, kick, and headbutt the ball around, providing them with both mental and physical stimulation.

## 11. PVC Pipe Feeder

– Create a DIY goat feeder using PVC pipes.
– Cut large PVC pipes in half, attach them to a wooden board, and fill them with hay, pellets, or other goat feed.
– The goats will have to work their way around the pipes to access their food, keeping them engaged and entertained during mealtime.

## 12. Mirror Wall

– Install a large mirror on one side of the goat’s enclosure.
– Goats are naturally curious and love seeing their reflections. The mirror will provide them with visual stimulation and entertainment.

## 13. Hanging Tire Swing

– Hang a sturdy tire from a tree branch using strong rope or chains.
– Your goats will love swinging on the tire, providing them with both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

## 14. Straw PiƱata

– Fill a hanging container, such as a mesh bag or woven basket, with straw or hay.
– Hang the container from a tree or post and watch as your goats unravel the straw to get to the treats hidden inside.

## 15. Wooden Ladder

– Build a wooden ladder using thin, sturdy planks.
– Lean the ladder against a wall or object, allowing your goats to climb up and down, satisfying their natural climbing instincts.

## 16. Grazing Frame

– Construct a wooden frame with attached mesh or chicken wire panels.
– Plant fresh grass or other plants inside the frame, and your goats will enjoy nibbling on them, rotating their grazing areas, and staying occupied.

## 17. Hanging Fruits and Vegetables

– Collect fruits and vegetables that goats enjoy, such as apples, carrots, and cabbage.
– Tie them to a rope or string and hang them from a tree, post, or other high point.
– Your goats will have a fun time reaching up and nibbling on the hanging treats.

## 18. DIY Balance Beam

– Create a balance beam using a long, sturdy wooden plank.
– Place the beam on the ground or a few inches above it to encourage your goats to walk and balance on it.
– This activity helps improve coordination and strength in your goats.

## 19. Plastic Bottle Treat Dispenser

– Clean and dry a large plastic bottle with a screw-on lid.
– Cut small holes in the bottle, large enough for treats to fall out.
– Fill the bottle with goat treats and screw the lid back on.
– Your goats will love batting the bottle around to retrieve the treats.

## 20. Hay Bale Toss

– Stack several hay bales in a pyramid shape.
– Hide treats inside the pyramid and encourage your goats to knock the bales down to access their goodies.

## 21. Water Sprinkler

– Set up a water sprinkler system in your goat’s enclosure, especially during hot summer days.
– Goats enjoy playing in the water and will have a blast running through the sprinkler.

## 22. Musical Bucket

– Attach a plastic bucket to a wooden post using screws or strong adhesive.
– Fill the bucket with rocks, pebbles, or bells that make noise when the goats bump into it.
– The musical bucket will provide auditory stimulation and encourage your goats to investigate and interact with it.

## 23. Rolling Treat Dispenser

– Take a large plastic or rubber ball with a small hole.
– Fill the ball with goat treats and encourage your goats to roll it around to retrieve the treats.
– This toy stimulates both physical and mental activity.

## 24. Tree Branch Swings

– Hang sturdy tree branch swings at various heights in your goat’s enclosure.
– Your goats will enjoy swinging on the branches, providing them with exercise and entertainment.

## 25. DIY Goat Puzzle Box

– Take a wooden box and drill several holes in it.
– Fill the box with treats or small toys.
– Your goats will have to figure out how to get the treats or toys out by pushing, pulling, and turning the box.

## 26. Kiddie Pool

– Place a plastic kiddie pool filled with water in your goat’s enclosure, especially during warm weather.
– Your goats will have fun splashing and playing in the water, cooling themselves off, and enjoying a refreshing activity.

Goats are intelligent and inquisitive animals that benefit from having toys and activities to keep them entertained and engaged. These 26 DIY goat toys provide mental and physical stimulation while preventing boredom and destructive behavior. Experiment with different toys and see which ones your goats enjoy the most.

**My 2 Cents:**

– Rotate the toys regularly to keep your goats’ interest levels high.
– Monitor your goats while they play to ensure their safety and remove any broken or damaged toys.
– Remember to clean and sanitize toys regularly to maintain good hygiene.
– Consider using non-toxic materials for the toys to prevent any harm to your goats.
– Always provide access to fresh water, shelter, and adequate forage alongside the toys for your goats’ overall well-being.