13 Unique and Creative Uses for Spent Shell Casings

13 Unique and Creative Uses for Spent Shell Casings


Spent shell casings, the metal containers left behind after ammunition has been fired, may seem like nothing more than trash to the untrained eye. However, for the creative and resourceful individual, spent shell casings can be repurposed into a wide range of practical and interesting items. In this article, we will uncover 13 unique and creative uses for spent shell casings that you may not have considered before.

1. Jewelry

One of the most popular and visually striking uses for spent shell casings is transforming them into jewelry. By cleaning and polishing the casings, you can create unique and personalized necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even cufflinks. Add gems or engrave designs to give them a personal touch.

2. Keychains or Zipper Pulls

Personalize your keys or backpack with a keychain or zipper pull made from a spent shell casing. Simply attach a small ring to the casing and you have a stylish and durable accessory. This is a great conversation starter or a way to show off your love for firearms.

3. Plant Markers

If you have a garden or enjoy growing plants, repurpose spent shell casings into plant markers. Clean and polish the casings, then engrave the name of the plant or herb onto the casing. Stick the casing into the soil next to the plant and you’ll have a unique and decorative way to identify your greens.

4. Wind Chimes

Create a melodic and eye-catching wind chime by suspending multiple cleaned and polished shell casings from a metal rod or wire. Paint the casings in various colors or leave them in their natural state for a rustic appeal. Hang your wind chime outside and enjoy the soothing sound as it sways in the wind.

5. Bottle Openers

Transform a spent shell casing into a functional and conversation-worthy bottle opener. Attach a metal bottle opener attachment to the base of the casing and you’ll have a sturdy and unique tool for cracking open your favorite beverages.

6. Fishing Weights

If you enjoy fishing, consider repurposing spent shell casings as fishing weights. Drill a hole through the casing and thread your fishing line through it. These homemade weights are not only functional but also add a touch of creativity to your fishing gear.

7. Decorative Pens

Upgrade your writing utensils with decorative pens made from spent shell casings. Insert a pen refill into the casing and use a pen kit to assemble a professional-looking writing instrument. Engraving designs or personalizing the casing with initials can further enhance the pen’s aesthetic appeal.

8. Candle Holders

Create a unique and rustic candle holder by placing a tealight or votive candle inside a cleaned and polished shell casing. Arrange several casings of different sizes and heights on a decorative tray or plate, and you’ll have a striking centerpiece for your table or mantelpiece.

9. Napkin Rings

Impress your dinner guests with DIY napkin rings made from spent shell casings. Simply slide a cleaned and polished casing around a folded napkin and you’ll have a stylish and conversation-worthy addition to your table setting.

10. Refrigerator Magnets

Personalize your refrigerator or magnetic board with unique and industrial refrigerator magnets made from spent shell casings. Glue magnets to the base of the casings and you’ll have a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your photos, notes, and reminders.

11. Shot Glasses

For those who appreciate a shot of whiskey or other spirits, repurposing spent shell casings into shot glasses is a creative and unique option. Clean and polish the casings, and insert a glass or plastic shot glass insert into the casing. You’ll have a rugged and conversation-starting shot glass that will impress your friends.

12. Christmas Ornaments

Add a touch of rustic charm to your Christmas tree with spent shell casing ornaments. Clean and polish the casings, then decorate them with paint, glitter, or ribbon. Attach a hook or string to the casing and hang it on your tree for a unique and personalized ornament.

13. Drawer Pulls

Give your furniture a rugged and unique look by replacing ordinary drawer pulls with spent shell casings. Clean and polish the casings, then attach them to your drawers using screws or adhesive. It’s a small but impactful way to add a touch of personalization to your living space.


Spent shell casings, often overlooked as mere waste, offer a myriad of creative and practical uses. From jewelry to home decor, utilizing spent shell casings can add a unique and personal touch to various aspects of your life. Instead of tossing them aside, consider repurposing them into one of these creative projects and give them a new lease on life. Let your creativity flow and uncover more uses for spent shell casings!

My 2 Cents

Spent shell casings have the potential to become extraordinary items with just a little bit of creativity and effort. Don’t let them go to waste! Explore the possibilities and repurpose them into something beautiful and meaningful. Not only will you be able to express your creativity, but you’ll also be contributing to reducing waste and giving these casings a new purpose. So go ahead, clean up those spent shell casings and let your imagination run wild!