13 Fancy Yellow Chicken Breeds for Your Colorful Flock

13 Fancy Yellow Chicken Breeds for Your Colorful Flock

13 Fancy Yellow Chicken Breeds


If you’re interested in raising chickens on your homestead or backyard, why stick with ordinary white or brown ones? There are plenty of fancy yellow chicken breeds that not only make for great egg-layers but also add a splash of color to your flock. In this article, we’ll explore 13 fancy yellow chicken breeds that are sure to catch your eye.

1. Buff Orpington

The Buff Orpington is a popular yellow chicken breed known for its friendly temperament and docile nature. They have beautiful golden feathers that shine in the sunlight, making them a visually pleasing addition to any flock. Buff Orpingtons are excellent layers, producing around 200-280 eggs per year.


– Provide ample space for the Buff Orpington chickens to roam and forage as they enjoy being active.
– These chickens are prone to obesity, so ensure a balanced diet with plenty of greens.

2. Golden Comet

The Golden Comet is a hybrid chicken breed that boasts a vibrant golden color. These chickens are renowned for their excellent egg-laying abilities, producing up to 300 large brown eggs per year. They are friendly and easy to handle, making them a favorite among chicken keepers.


– Golden Comets do well in free-range setups, but they can also thrive in confinement if provided with adequate space and amenities.
– Help them maintain their beautiful plumage by supplementing their diet with a small amount of marigold petals.

3. Sussex

Sussex chickens come in various color varieties, including a lovely yellow shade called the Light Sussex. They are medium-sized birds with a calm and friendly disposition. Sussex hens lay around 250 eggs per year and are known to be excellent foragers.


– Provide extra protection for Sussex chickens during the winter months as they are not as cold-hardy as some other breeds.
– Choose a Sussex hybrid for increased egg production, as purebred Sussex can be less productive.

4. Ameraucana

The Ameraucana breed is famous for its pastel-colored eggs but did you know that some Ameraucanas also come in a striking shade of yellow? These chickens are medium-sized and have a gentle temperament. They are also excellent foragers and can produce around 200-250 eggs per year.


– Ameraucanas require a spacious and well-ventilated coop to prevent respiratory issues.
– Provide plenty of dust-bathing areas for these chickens, as they enjoy keeping their feathers clean and healthy.

5. Rhode Island White

The Rhode Island White is a breed derived from the popular Rhode Island Red. While their cousins have a deep red color, Rhode Island Whites boast a beautiful white plumage. These chickens are excellent layers, producing around 200-300 large brown eggs per year. They are hardy birds that can handle various climates.


– Rhode Island Whites are active and enjoy free-ranging, so provide them with plenty of space to explore.
– These chickens have a strong foraging instinct, so they help keep pests in check when allowed to roam.

6. Norwegian Jaerhon

Originating from Norway, the Norwegian Jaerhon is a rare breed known for its distinct yellow plumage. They are small-sized chickens that make excellent backyard companions. Although they are not the most prolific layers, Norwegian Jaerhons lay around 150-200 medium to large-sized white eggs per year.


– Norwegian Jaerhons are winter hardy and can withstand cold temperatures, making them a great choice for colder climates.
– Provide them with a secure coop as they are known to be flighty and enjoy perching on higher structures.

7. Easter Egger

Easter Eggers are not a recognized breed but rather a mixed-breed chicken that carries the blue egg-laying gene. These chickens come in various colors, including a lovely yellow with patches of other shades. The eggs they produce can range from blue to green to light brown. Easter Eggers are friendly, easy to care for, and often have interesting feather patterns.


– There is no specific standard for Easter Eggers, so their size and appearance can vary greatly.
– Provide them with a balanced diet rich in calcium to ensure healthy eggshell production.

8. Lemon Pyle Brahma

Lemon Pyle Brahmas are impressive birds with their striking yellow and black plumage. They are large-sized chickens known for their calm and gentle temperament. Although they are not the most prolific layers, Lemon Pyle Brahmas make excellent backyard pets.


– These chickens require a spacious coop and run due to their size. Ensure they have plenty of room to move around comfortably.
– Lemon Pyle Brahmas are heavy birds, so make sure their perches and roosts are sturdy and well-supported.

9. Polish

Polish chickens are famous for their unique crest of feathers, giving them an adorable and distinctive appearance. While most Polish chickens are white, there is also a variety called Golden Polish, which has a beautiful yellow color. Polish chickens are not the best layers, but they make up for it with their playful and entertaining personality.


– Polish chickens’ crests can impair their vision, so ensure they have a safe and secure environment to prevent accidents.
– Regularly check their crests for dirt or mites and gently clean them if needed.

10. Welsummer

If you’re looking for a flashy yellow and red chicken breed, Welsummers are a great choice. While their overall plumage is a mix of shades, they have beautiful golden feathers that add a touch of warmth to their appearance. Welsummers are known to be excellent layers, producing around 160-200 dark brown speckled eggs per year.


– Welsummers can be slightly flighty, so ensure your coop has adequate fencing or netting to prevent them from escaping.
– Consider a deep litter method in their coop to help control odors and provide a comfortable environment for scratching.

11. Sicilian Buttercup

Sicilian Buttercups are a rare and unique breed known for their distinctive buttercup-shaped comb and yellow plumage. They are medium-sized chickens that can be easily distinguished from other breeds. While they are not the most prolific layers, Sicilian Buttercups offer a visually striking addition to any flock.


– Provide plenty of perches and elevated roosting spots, as Sicilian Buttercups enjoy roosting at higher levels.
– Supplement their diet with Vitamin D to promote healthy egg production and strong bones.

12. Phoenix

Phoenix chickens are known for their long and elegant tail feathers. While they come in various color patterns, the Golden Phoenix variety showcases a beautiful yellow plumage. These chickens are not renowned for their egg-laying abilities, but they make up for it with their stunning appearance and graceful nature.


– Phoenix chickens require extra care and attention to maintain their long and delicate tail feathers.
– Provide plenty of space for them to move around freely without damaging their feathers.

13. Cubalaya

Originating from Cuba, Cubalaya chickens are a unique and visually striking breed. They have a small body and short tail feathers, but their most notable feature is their vibrant golden plumage. While Cubalayas are not the most productive layers, they are highly sought after for their ornamental value.


– Cubalayas can be quite skittish, so ensure they have a secure and predator-proof coop and run.
– Provide them with plenty of hiding spaces or shrubs to make them feel secure and comfortable.


These fancy yellow chicken breeds are not only visually appealing but also make wonderful additions to any backyard or homestead. With their unique colors and personalities, they will surely catch the attention of anyone who visits your flock. Whether you’re looking for excellent layers or unique ornamental birds, these yellow chicken breeds offer a wide range of options to choose from.

My 2 Cents

Adding fancy yellow chicken breeds to your flock not only adds a pop of color but also showcases the diversity of chicken breeds available. When choosing a yellow chicken breed, consider factors such as egg-laying capabilities, temperament, and suitability for your climate. Don’t forget to provide the necessary care and attention to ensure their well-being and happiness. So why settle for ordinary when you can have fancy yellow chickens adding charm and beauty to your flock?