126 Essential Long-Lasting Foods for Your Pantry

126 Essential Long-Lasting Foods for Your Pantry

126 Long-Lasting Foods You Should Add to Your Pantry


When it comes to preparedness, having a well-stocked pantry is essential. In times of emergency or crisis, access to food may become limited or scarce. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of long-lasting foods in your pantry that can sustain you and your family for an extended period of time.

In this article, we will explore a comprehensive list of 126 long-lasting foods that you should consider adding to your pantry. These foods have a long shelf life and can be easily stored without the need for refrigeration. Let’s dive right in!

1. Grains and Legumes

– Rice: White rice, brown rice, wild rice
– Quinoa
– Oats: Steel-cut oats, rolled oats
– Barley
– Lentils: Green lentils, red lentils
– Beans: Black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, chickpeas
– Split peas
– Pasta: Spaghetti, penne, macaroni
– Cornmeal
– Flour: All-purpose flour, whole wheat flour

2. Canned Goods

– Canned fruits: Pineapple, peaches, pears
– Canned vegetables: Green beans, corn, tomatoes
– Canned beans: Baked beans, refried beans
– Canned meat: Tuna, chicken, beef
– Canned soups: Tomato soup, vegetable soup, chicken noodle soup
– Canned chili
– Canned seafood: Salmon, sardines

3. Dried Fruits and Nuts

– Raisins
– Dates
– Apricots
– Prunes
– Cranberries
– Almonds
– Walnuts
– Cashews
– Pistachios
– Peanuts

4. Baking Supplies

– Sugar: White sugar, brown sugar
– Salt
– Baking soda
– Baking powder
– Yeast
– Vanilla extract
– Chocolate chips
– Honey
– Maple syrup

5. Shelf-Stable Dairy Products

– Powdered milk
– Evaporated milk
– Condensed milk

6. Cooking Oils and Fats

– Olive oil
– Vegetable oil
– Coconut oil
– Shortening

7. Cereals and Granola

– Breakfast cereals: Corn flakes, rice cereal, wheat flakes
– Granola bars
– Oatmeal packets

8. Spices and Seasonings

– Salt
– Pepper
– Garlic powder
– Onion powder
– Cumin
– Paprika
– Chili powder
– Curry powder
– Cinnamon
– Italian seasoning

9. Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Foods

– Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
– Freeze-dried meats
– Dehydrated fruits and vegetables
– Dehydrated meals

10. Herbs and Condiments

– Dried herbs: Basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme
– Ketchup
– Mustard
– Mayonnaise
– Soy sauce
– Hot sauce
– Worcestershire sauce

11. Sweeteners

– Sugar
– Honey
– Maple syrup
– Stevia

12. Beverages

– Coffee
– Tea: Black tea, green tea, herbal tea
– Powdered drink mixes: Lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate

13. Miscellaneous

– Peanut butter
– Nutella
– Jerky: Beef jerky, turkey jerky
– Crackers
– Popcorn kernels
– Meal replacement bars
– MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

My 2 Cents

Having a well-stocked pantry is not only essential for survival but also for everyday emergencies like unexpected visitors or power outages. By including a variety of long-lasting foods in your pantry, you can ensure that you and your family will never go hungry.

Remember to rotate your pantry items regularly to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Pay attention to expiration dates and consume the oldest items first. Consider investing in proper storage containers to keep your pantry items fresh and protected from pests.

Additionally, don’t forget to stock up on non-food essentials like water, toiletries, and medications. These items are just as important for your overall preparedness.

Stay safe and happy prepping!

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