12 Uncommon Prepper Supplies You Need

12 Uncommon Prepper Supplies You Need

12 Uncommon Prepper Supplies You Need

When it comes to preparing for emergencies and potential disasters, having the right supplies is essential. While most preppers stock up on the basics such as food, water, and first aid kits, there are some uncommon supplies that can greatly enhance your preparedness. In this article, we will explore 12 uncommon prepper supplies that you need to consider adding to your emergency preparedness arsenal.

1. Duct Tape

Duct tape is a versatile tool that has countless uses in emergency situations. It can be used for repairing gear, creating makeshift shelters, securing objects, and even medical purposes such as immobilizing broken bones. Make sure to stock up on duct tape and keep rolls in different sizes and colors for added versatility.

2. Mylar Blankets

Mylar blankets, also known as emergency blankets, are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for bug-out bags and emergency kits. They are designed to reflect and retain body heat, providing insulation and warmth in cold environments. Mylar blankets are also waterproof and can be used as makeshift shelters or ground covers.

3. Multi-Tool

A good-quality multi-tool is an essential item for any prepper. It combines several tools into one compact device, including pliers, knives, screwdrivers, and more. A multi-tool can come in handy for a wide range of tasks and repairs in emergency situations.

4. Solar Charger

In a grid-down scenario, having a reliable power source becomes crucial. A solar charger allows you to harness the power of the sun to charge your electronic devices, such as phones, radios, and flashlights. Look for a solar charger with a built-in battery for storing energy and charging devices even when the sun is not out.

5. Fishing Gear

Having the ability to fish can be a valuable skill during a survival situation. Pack some lightweight fishing gear, such as fishing line, hooks, and lures, in your emergency kit. It’s a renewable source of food and can provide nourishment when other food supplies are limited.

6. Paracord

Paracord is a lightweight and durable nylon rope that has multiple uses in survival scenarios. It can be used for building shelters, setting traps, creating clotheslines, and even for emergency sutures. Make sure to include several feet of paracord in your emergency supplies.

7. Gas Masks

While gas masks may not be needed for every emergency situation, they can be critical in scenarios where air quality is compromised. In the event of a chemical spill or a pandemic outbreak, having a gas mask can protect you from harmful airborne pollutants. Make sure to choose a mask that fits properly and has replaceable filters.

8. Water Filtration System

Having a reliable water source is essential for survival. In addition to storing water, consider investing in a portable water filtration system. These systems can purify water from natural sources such as rivers, lakes, and streams, making it safe for drinking. Look for systems that are lightweight, compact, and have a high filtration capacity.

9. Hand Crank Radio

In emergency situations, staying informed about the latest news and updates is crucial. A hand crank radio allows you to stay connected even when the power grid is down. Look for a radio that has multiple power options, including solar and hand crank, and features like NOAA weather alerts.

10. Emergency Cash

In a cashless society, having physical currency can be valuable. Keep a stash of emergency cash in small denominations in your emergency kit. It can come in handy for purchasing supplies, services, or even bribing in dire situations. Make sure to rotate the cash periodically to avoid deterioration.

11. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is a discreet self-defense tool that doubles as a functional writing instrument. It is designed to withstand extreme conditions, making it useful in emergency situations. A tactical pen can be used for breaking glass, striking assailants, or as a regular pen for taking notes. Look for one that is durable, has a glass-breaking tip, and can write in any condition.

12. Portable Solar Oven

Cooking food is essential, even in survival situations. A portable solar oven allows you to harness the power of the sun to cook your meals without the need for fuel or electricity. These ovens are lightweight and easy to use, making them a valuable addition to any emergency kit.

My 2 Cents:

Having the common prepper supplies like food, water, and first aid kits is crucial, but adding uncommon supplies to your arsenal can greatly enhance your preparedness. Duct tape, mylar blankets, multi-tools, and solar chargers are versatile tools that have numerous uses in emergency situations. Fishing gear, paracord, and gas masks can prove invaluable in specific scenarios. A water filtration system ensures a reliable water source, while a hand crank radio keeps you informed when the power grid is down. Don’t forget to keep a stash of emergency cash, as physical currency can be valuable in a cashless society. Tactical pens and portable solar ovens round out the list of must-have uncommon supplies for preppers. When it comes to prepping, it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared.