10 Creative Uses for Animal Bones

10 Creative Uses for Animal Bones

10 Uses for Animal Bones

Animal bones can be found in abundance in the wilderness. Whether you stumble upon them while hiking or you are in a survival situation and need to make use of every available resource, animal bones can be incredibly versatile. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from making tools to providing sustenance. In this article, we will discuss 10 creative uses for animal bones.

1. Crafting Tools

Animal bones are ideal for crafting tools in a survival situation. With just a few modifications, you can turn a bone into a useful cutting implement, such as a knife or arrowhead. Simply sharpen one end of the bone on a rough surface like a rock, or use a sharp stone to carve it into a more refined shape.

2. Fishing Hooks

If you find yourself without a fishing hook, an animal bone can come to the rescue. Carve a small, pointy section of a bone into a hook shape and voila! You have a makeshift fishing tool. Attach it to a line and bait it with insects or small pieces of food to increase your chances of catching a fish.

3. Tinder

Animal bones can be a great source of tinder for starting a fire. Dry bones can be broken into smaller pieces and used as kindling. Additionally, the marrow inside bones is flammable and can serve as a reliable ignition source if you have no other options.

4. Containers

In a survival situation, finding suitable containers can be challenging. Animal bones can be fashioned into small containers to hold water, food, or other items. Simply hollow out a bone by scraping out the marrow and smoothing the edges. Be sure to sanitize the bone thoroughly before use to prevent bacterial contamination.

5. Shelter Building

If you need to build a shelter in the wilderness, animal bones can be used as structural support. Use long bones as stakes to anchor your shelter or create a framework using ribs. By utilizing the bones of large animals, you can create a sturdy structure capable of withstanding the elements.

6. Signal Whistle

In an emergency situation, a signal whistle can be a lifesaver. With the right bone, you can fashion a makeshift whistle to attract attention. Look for a bone with a hollow structure, such as a bird bone, and carve a small opening on one end. Blow into the bone to produce a high-pitched sound that can be heard from a distance.

7. Needle and Thread

If your clothing or gear becomes damaged in the wilderness, you may need to make repairs. Animal bones can be shaped into needles with a little bit of effort. Sharpen one end of a bone to create a point, and then use a small piece of sinew or thread to attach it to your makeshift needle. You now have a tool for sewing and mending.

8. Jewelry

If you have a creative side, animal bones can be transformed into unique pieces of jewelry. Small bones can be made into pendants or beads, and larger bones can be used as the base for intricate designs. By adding some twine or cord, you can create stunning pieces that serve as a reminder of your survival skills.

9. Ground Penetrating Probe

When searching for water underground or checking the depth of a hole, an animal bone can be a useful tool. Simply sharpen one end of a long bone and use it as a ground-penetrating probe. Push it into the ground and feel for any resistance or changes in texture, indicating the presence of water or the bottom of a hole.

10. Fish Spear

If you find yourself near a body of water and need a means to catch fish, an animal bone can be transformed into a fishing spear. Look for a bone with a long and sturdy structure, like a leg bone, and sharpen one end to form a spearhead. Use this makeshift tool to catch fish in shallow waters.

In conclusion, animal bones are valuable resources that can be used in a variety of ways in a survival situation. From crafting tools to providing sustenance, their versatility is unmatched. Remember to practice caution and respect for the wildlife when using animal bones. Always sanitize the bones thoroughly before use to prevent contamination. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can transform animal bones into invaluable survival tools.

My 2 Cents

Animal bones often go overlooked in a survival situation, but they can be incredibly useful. Whether you find yourself in need of tools, containers, or fishing gear, animal bones can come to the rescue. Don’t underestimate the power of improvisation and creativity when it comes to survival. Take advantage of the resources available to you and make the most of them. Remember, it’s all about adaptability and making the best use of what you have!