3 Cool DIY Life Hacks


3 Cool DIY Life Hacks From Household & Hardware Store Materials

This video illustrates how you can create 3 different but neat and useful hacks from materials you would be able to find around your house or purchase at any local hardware store.

It almost looks like this fellow wanted to try out his new glue gun more than anything, but he does come up with some pretty imaginative ideas…

My favorites are the windproof 9 volt battery lighter and the portable clothes pin trip wire alarm…

Watch the video below…


The nine volt battery was mainly created and used to power early models of transistor radios. It has a signature rectangular prism-type design fitted with a polarized snap connector at the top for easy installation in familiar devices such as smoke detectors, walkie talkies, remote controls etc.

In 2007 the nine volt battery accounted for just 4% of primary alkaline battery sales in the United States. But as you can see, it can be very useful. Especially if you have a creative imagination!

Many survivalists have a 9-volt or two accessible in their bug-out-bag or survival kit. They make a great ignition source in many different ways not just the one that was seen in the video above. A 9-volt and a gum wrapper can start a fire just as easy as any match or lighter. It can also source power to devices that need it provided you can alter the right configuration. All in all a very handy and portable tool!